Saturday, September 12, 2009

4:21 ... Desperate Crafting

i had nothing all day long. i was going to do phase 2 of the stockings, but i need to print on iron on paper and i don't have iron on paper like i thought i did. and my printer isn't working. that is ALWAYS the case. why don't printers just work?! when we actually do get a printer to work it's only for a little while and then something goes wrong. or it runs out of ink ridiculously fast or something like that. anyway, i'm really really going to try and make it happen today. 
so at the end of yesterday i still had not done anything remotely crafty besides cleaning my craft room (aka my dining room that is now unrecognizable). it's nearly 8:00 and will's watching the good night show and the host suggests that tomorrow we should make maracas. will of course asks if we can make maracas, and normally i would say "no way. you don't have that kind of mom." but last night i seized the opportunity and did it. maracas made out of paper plates. will didn't even help. he got sidetracked. 

and on the home front ... look at will's closet! i was hanging up his laundry when i noticed that everything in his closet is blue. everything. blue and brown mostly. the kid could use some color in his life. it's just that he looks really good in blue. and our house is blue and green. so if i happen to take his picture and it gets printed, i know it'll match. but it's just wrong. this fall i vow to throw some red in there. 

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