Thursday, August 27, 2009

a few shots from canada

here's a few pics from the trip. i took pictures of the gorgeousness, but somehow they don't look anywhere near as gorgeous as it was. so you can mostly see the prettiness in the background. so here's what we got. 

this one's one of my new faves. they were playing down by a river. 
some fun at the campsite. will ran and climbed and wrestled. abby ate grass and dirt. it was great. 

this place was one of my favorite spots. we just pulled over on the side of the rode while we were driving and hopped out. this lake was just about this shallow all the way across, so it was the perfect stop to let the kids burn some steam. of course, will's a happy camper any time water is involved. 

here, we're getting close to the glacier. we're all smiles now, but the kids were too cold and didn't like to do the serious hiking. good to know before we attempted the mucho serious hike (which, of course, never happened. we're not that dumb).

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Welcome Home, Little Man

I got the pleasure of meeting Amy's running buddy yesterday. They have just adopted a beautiful little gem of a boy. He's got about 100 different smiles. 

I love this leaf. I've never seen a child so excited about a leaf! But man, we got some great shots out of it. 

We Need Some Uniforms

I have been baking hundreds of cookies for days now for the single purpose of promoting a Back to School event. Doesn't everything look adorable?! You can have some cookies if you help us buy school uniforms for some local kids in need. We need 100. We got 2, so.... I'm not great at math... Anyway, if you feel so inclined to buy one, some, or send me some money to get some just email me. On the side, I'm also collecting donations for the charity cause of improving my bakeware, which is most heinous. 

My Blog Looks Funny

I need a clean slate on the blog so I can get a little creative with it. Sorry it's boring right now. It just needs a change. I'll get it lovely when I have time...HAH!... get it? when i have time?!