Friday, March 26, 2010

Looks toasty. But it's not.

It's still cold, but the kids still want to go in for about 3 minutes. I can't believe that my kids are old enough to look like this. Do they just look giant to you?

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

say hello to pico

we finally got him today! he's super fun. we adore him. he's just a little spoiled. :)

and naturally, he's chosen brandon as his person. of course.

Meet the Budgie.

This is Budgie, the budgie. Today, after many years of wanting a bird, we are finally going to bring our baby home. But this is not that baby. This is a throw-down bird. We just got him because I had an extra cage and thought a cute little parakeet might be fun. The thing is that Brandon and Will are super bonded with this budgie now. Isn't that funny?

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Here's a little update on Abby. It's all random, but I'll just throw it out there.
  • Abby loves music. She doesn't speak much English, as Will says, but she's got the melody and the last syllable right
  • She could stay in the bathtub all day
  • Her hair is getting long. There is an adorable bob that I thought would be great on her, but I can't cut it. Turns out there are a few curls in there.
  • She looks alot like Hannah did at this age. Her body and hair and mannerisms.
  • When she gets out of bed in the morning she insists on taking one of her blankets or animals with her. It's not always the same on. Depends on the day, but there are a few favorites.
  • Abby LOVES strawberries.
  • She likes to pick out what she wears sometimes.
  • Her napping schedule is killing me. She's going down to one nap, but she's pretty tired in the evening.
  • Her favorite show is American Idol. She loves applause and there's clapping on there every few seconds.
I think that's about it.