Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The 4 Month Check-Up

Well, Little Miss is 4 months old now and this is what that looks like. Her height and weight stats improved over the last two month. Though her head reamains perfectly average (yay), her weight is in the 75th percentile and her height in the 90th. I don't really know what all that means except that she's really tall. I also chickened out on getting her ears pierced and opted to wait until her next appointment when I had backup. I'm excited though. The little gold studs are adorable!

Will's got moves

This is just what comes out when he's gotta dance.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Jen's latest pics

Jen took these little gems at the loft last week. My super fave of the both of them is not here. It's going to be your Valentine's Day card!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Sorry I've been a negligent blogger lately. I'll give you the scoop on what's happening in our lives this week.

Brandon: work. and laundry! he's been helping me with laundry! he's so nice.

Will: rediscovering toys. i rearranged furniture and swapped out some of his toys last week. so he's found them all over again.

Abby: she can blow rasberries now. yep. quite an accomplishment. and apparently will has informed her that screaming randomly will get her noticed. she's into that now too. not so much crying or anything like that. just random shreaks.

Me: well, i'm into labeling stuff. i got a labeler and i'm getting all organized. my favorite label is the label that labels the labeler drawer. :) i'm also into cooking regular old mommy food. i haven't gotten into that much, but you can just call me betty crocker. i can make beef stroganoff that tastes just like the box....

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

That's What It's All About

There are definately days when I feel like I got the short end of the stick as far as working. Staying at home is a thankless and never ending job. You've heard the many complaints from me, you, or maybe your wife. So I'll skip that right now. Right now I'm glad to be a stay at home mommy. It's freezing out and nasty. But my housework is done (enough). My clients are taken care of (enough). The kids are sleeping (for another 10 minutes). And I've just made a new pot of coffee. Even slipped a little irish cream in there. Being your own boss is pretty sweet sometimes.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Any Resolutions? Come on....

You know you have some. I'm outing mine.

  1. I'm going to try and make better resolutions.

  2. Kick the frosting habit

  3. Follow through on my craft obsession. It's time that I stop staring at crafts and make something already. On my radar are: stockings, tree skirts, aprons, onesies, sleeping bags, quilts. Quite ambitious. I might start easy with a kitchen towel.

  4. Go on, or at least book, a REAL vacation. With kids. Without kids. Whatever. But preferably somewhere far and different. On my radar: http://www.costaricatreehouse.com/ and http://www.skyruncondos.com/keystone/component/option,com_hotproperty/task,view/id,5/Itemid,2/

  5. organize my clients in a way that makes sense.

  6. Start a Bible Study for Strung-Out Mommies. I am not the only one who has put Bible study on the backburner until kindergarden. Free childcare is great, but I have SO many friends who can't leave their kids in childcare for some reason or another. I am of this breed. Sometimes you just have to bring the kids. My thoughts are, we are MOMS for crying out loud. Our kids aren't welcome in Bible Study so we can FOCUS?! That's absurd. We specialize in doing a million things at once. We're going to try it.

  7. Hold off on "letting myself go" for another year at least. It was beginning to look a little hopeless, but it seems that I can fairly easily run a mile now. Which is the start of getting my body back. Which is the start of a non-spandex outfit. What matches spandex? Ponytails. You get the idea. So anyway, the mile is big. I'm making a comeback. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8nfGQ0FVooU - Suave style.

We'll revisit these in a little while and see how it's all going shall we.

Full of Surprises

Will's favorite thing to do right now is play computer games. He likes to go to the Playhouse Disney website and just boss me around for fun. He points and demands and I move the mouse around. "Go there. Not there. Handy Manny. I don't want Handy Manny!" Great stuff. Anyway, it's not my favorite thing to do at all, but it's so much fun for him that we do it a little every day as a treat. So yesterday we're playing on the computer and he actually says, "Mom, I'm freezin' in here (it's 70 degrees). Can you make me a chai latte?"

Sidenote on chai: This request alone is hilarious in and of itself. For those of you that don't know what a chai latte is, don't stress. It's not hard coffee or anything. It's a little bit of tea, a lot of sugar, and a lot of milk. More like a hot chocolate. And Amy had these great little packs of it that she brought ME out of her Christmas stash. And Will just has good taste and a wicked sweet tooth. So we wrestle for them. Anyway...

Back to the latte. So I tell him I'll be right back and go make his latte. While I'm in the kitchen I hear the computer talking. He wanted to play Bunnytown next and what do I hear?... "Bunnytown. Click here to play Bunnytown Ice Cream Parlor. Welcome to the Ice Cream parlor..."

Yeah, he can totally work a mouse. And somewhat read. Enough to completely do a computer game by himself and I have NO idea! So I bust him with the camera. That silly face he made was authentic. He knew he'd been caught! So, anyway, now he can do it by himself. Soon he'll be setting up his own blog. That'll be interesting.
In the end, I still play the games for him or at least right beside him. I think that was more fun than the game itself. But it was just funny.

Abby's Frog

This one's for Grandma! You hit the nail on the head with this one. She LOVES this frog more than anything right now. She spends most of her waking moments whacking, yelling at, and smiling at this frog. Now she's even wearing her frog prince onesie and kicking those little thigh as hard as she can to make it wiggle. Speaking of thighs, don't you just want to pinch them?! Aren't those about the cutest thighs ever?!