Friday, January 2, 2009

Any Resolutions? Come on....

You know you have some. I'm outing mine.

  1. I'm going to try and make better resolutions.

  2. Kick the frosting habit

  3. Follow through on my craft obsession. It's time that I stop staring at crafts and make something already. On my radar are: stockings, tree skirts, aprons, onesies, sleeping bags, quilts. Quite ambitious. I might start easy with a kitchen towel.

  4. Go on, or at least book, a REAL vacation. With kids. Without kids. Whatever. But preferably somewhere far and different. On my radar: and,com_hotproperty/task,view/id,5/Itemid,2/

  5. organize my clients in a way that makes sense.

  6. Start a Bible Study for Strung-Out Mommies. I am not the only one who has put Bible study on the backburner until kindergarden. Free childcare is great, but I have SO many friends who can't leave their kids in childcare for some reason or another. I am of this breed. Sometimes you just have to bring the kids. My thoughts are, we are MOMS for crying out loud. Our kids aren't welcome in Bible Study so we can FOCUS?! That's absurd. We specialize in doing a million things at once. We're going to try it.

  7. Hold off on "letting myself go" for another year at least. It was beginning to look a little hopeless, but it seems that I can fairly easily run a mile now. Which is the start of getting my body back. Which is the start of a non-spandex outfit. What matches spandex? Ponytails. You get the idea. So anyway, the mile is big. I'm making a comeback. - Suave style.

We'll revisit these in a little while and see how it's all going shall we.

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Jason said...

I resolve to not make any resoultions. Whaddya know? I failed already. Grrr.....