Sunday, October 24, 2010

Creme Pies

I have made alot of creme pies lately. These are chocolate with marshmallow filling. I have really nailed chocolate peanut butter, pumpkin cream cheese, and tiramisu. That one's pretty good. Lemon marscapone was gross. Vanilla was good. I have an extra ass because of this obsession. It's not pretty. But the creme pies are. Tough call....

Saturday, October 9, 2010

dewberry farms

today we did the coolest thing. we went to dewberry farms! it was awesome! one of the best family things we have ever done. the pics you see here are nothing compared to what was there and what we did. and we only scratched the surface! we'll definitely be going on the next cold weekend. every simple farm experience was there. it was just so amazing to experience country life (just for the morning). we jumped on hay bales, pedaled go-carts, rode ponies, slid down a roller slide, picked a pumpkin off the vine, rode a barrel train, jumped on a gigantic trampoline, got lost in a corn maize, and pan handled for treasure. and there was so much more that we just couldn't get to. so we're going back. i don't care who you are reading this, if you want to go, call me! we're in!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

The Photo Booth Winners

Awesome party!!!!!! Here are some winners of the photo booth portrait contest. Didn't know there was a contest? Me either. But next time.... game on. More seriously honorable mentions coming later. And thank you to everyone that came and had fun with us. It was awesome!