Tuesday, June 23, 2009

And now I'm just showing off

I was feeling wacky and confident this morning and thought i would take both kids out - in public, mind you - alone. And I was feeling so wacky and also confident that I felt like I could pull of a photoshoot. And I did. My goal was to get at least one 'Abby in a pot' picture to match Will's from his nine month shoot, and I did. She just screamed through the whole thing. But it was a happy scream. Will was nowhere to be found. See the fountains in the background? No way he was sitting still for a silly picture when there was water mischief to be had. 

Countdown to Canada

Camping Moose. Get it? Like we're camping...with moose...es? Meese? 

We are 51 days out from our Canadian vacation. Will is ridiculously excited. When we say "guess where we're going to today?" and we mean Target, he screams "Canada!!!". Then he's a little disappointed when we go to Target. We bought this cool little stroller that has a regular stroller bit on the front and Will can ride on the back. We figure we'll need it for the airport and the mall. We're going to the mall for a whole day. You might think it's just a plain old mall, but no. It'll take all day. If you feel like getting lost for a while on an insane website, check this mall out. Just click on play at the top of the page, Grandpa.  We're spending plenty of time camping and hiking and doing nature-ish stuff. One day we're doing to the Lake Louise Tea House. You make this giant hike and then in the most beautiful place ever, you actually have tea at a teahouse. I hope that's some seriously great tea. And we're even going to a glacier. I asked some Canadian friends of ours what it means when a Canadian tells a Texan 'dress warm' and you're going to a glacier. And they said "you don't need a parka or anything! i think my parents wore shorts and a t-shirt, maybe jeans." Too late. I already bought a gigantic parka for Abs, and though I'll be the laughing stock of Canada, she's wearing it at least for a photo! Anyway, we're super excited. Just got the kids passports yesterday... now, we just have to wait 51 days.