Saturday, February 28, 2009

Jenn's Bump

Today we had a little brunch in honor of Jenn and her bump, Ainsley. Aren't they adorable?! She's almost here! The party was great. Kandy cooked up some fantastic food and my mom ordered this killer cake. So we were set. Oh, and you guys left that shrimp salad. Brandon inhaled it as soon as we walked in the door. *Sorry, Shawn!*

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Obviously, she peed.

Naked baby + sheepskin rug = Pee. If anybody knows how to clean a sheep, let me know.

And in other Abby messes this week, she found her favorite food: sweet potatoes and apples.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Jason and Kara's Wedding

This weekend we traveled up to San Antonio for Uncle Jason and Kara's wedding. Aunt Kara, actually, which Will reminds me to throw in if I forget. :)
We left Abby with Nana. She apparently decided to give them a run for their money. We're expecting a new tooth now anytime. Well, Mr. Man actually loved the car ride for the most part, seeing it as alone time with his parents, a rarity these days. We stopped at Bucky's for lunch and made our way over to Lisa's to see her amazing house (more to come of that another day). My boys were in the wedding and looking sharp. Will even made it through without any incidents. Stephen, however, decided to steal the show with a whopper of a juicy fart right in the quiet of the ceremony. This thing was loud and long. And you should have seen Amy spring into action. I will never forget it as long as I live. In fact, I have tears rolling down my face right now just thinking about it. She was out the door with a kid under each arm before the fart was over.
Later, we head outside to take pictures. They came out nice, but the kids were getting a little wild and Will ran his head into an iron gate. It brought up a huge goose egg and panic attack on my part. It's kind of nasty, but his big hair covers it for the most part. We managed to escape an ER visit, but did have to leave early to let him rest, medicate, and recover on the way home.
When he saw me looking at the pics on the camera he saw one of Britten sitting by a gate. He said, "I want to see." and I showed him. He said, "No, I want to see the gate that I messed up." He was disappointed that I didn't take pictures of his injury and the 'aftermath' of what happened to that gate for messing with my boy.
This morning we're talking babies. I said, "you know, when the baby comes out of Aunt Kara's tummy it's going to be your cousin. Do you think it will be a boy or a girl?"
"A boy"
"What do you think they should name him?"
"Bunny Cupitt Amy. That's a great idea"
Indeed. Consider it, you guys.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

PawPaw's Birthday

Last week was PawPaw's Birthday and Will helped me make some cookies for him. Red velvet cookies with two kinds of icing. He totally washed his hands. No worries.

And here's another cute one of PawPaw with Abby at Britten's Birthday Party

Mr. Imagination

Will has been all about creative play lately. Here's a little bite of what went down this afternoon. If you're confused and think you missed something, you didn't.

*water running*

Me: Will?!

W: Nothing!

Me: No. Not nothing. Why is the water running?

W: The guys like to take a bath.

Me: What guys?

W: The little green guys. On my hands. They are little but I am big.

*starts draining the sink*

W: Oh, no!

Me: Are they ok?

W: Yeah, they're just going downstairs to play trains.

That kind of thing is round the clock. Yesterday he walked around in a shirt (only) "fixing" things with a screwdriver. The desk, the exersaucer, whatever. It was all broken.

This week the weather got nice for a few days so we started Will's garden. Here it is. It's growing grass out of its head right now. And then Will cuts it everyday.

Growing and Regressing.

Let me preface this slew of posts with this tidbit: I'm not editing these at all. I'm not a photographer today, just a mommy!
Abby is getting bigger and cuter everyday. We love that. She's found her feet and holds them all them time. She coos and squeels and blows rasberries. The cuter she gets the more it ticks off Will. Here's a peek at what regression looks like. It's weird, I'm not gonna lie.
And here's what he's up against:

Catching Up!

OK, I'm long overdue on all the blog stuff. So I'm just going to do a bunch of random posts.
So let's get started! This is what's going on in my world. Cooking. Chopping stuff alot. This is tonight's dinner. I can never remember the name of this dish. It has something to do with salsa verde. Anyway it's crazy good. I think so. The boys don't seem that enthused about it. Probably because it makes so much that we have to eat it for a week. Rachel Ray never steers me wrong like Martha did, though.