Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Mr. Imagination

Will has been all about creative play lately. Here's a little bite of what went down this afternoon. If you're confused and think you missed something, you didn't.

*water running*

Me: Will?!

W: Nothing!

Me: No. Not nothing. Why is the water running?

W: The guys like to take a bath.

Me: What guys?

W: The little green guys. On my hands. They are little but I am big.

*starts draining the sink*

W: Oh, no!

Me: Are they ok?

W: Yeah, they're just going downstairs to play trains.

That kind of thing is round the clock. Yesterday he walked around in a shirt (only) "fixing" things with a screwdriver. The desk, the exersaucer, whatever. It was all broken.

This week the weather got nice for a few days so we started Will's garden. Here it is. It's growing grass out of its head right now. And then Will cuts it everyday.

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