Friday, January 2, 2009

Full of Surprises

Will's favorite thing to do right now is play computer games. He likes to go to the Playhouse Disney website and just boss me around for fun. He points and demands and I move the mouse around. "Go there. Not there. Handy Manny. I don't want Handy Manny!" Great stuff. Anyway, it's not my favorite thing to do at all, but it's so much fun for him that we do it a little every day as a treat. So yesterday we're playing on the computer and he actually says, "Mom, I'm freezin' in here (it's 70 degrees). Can you make me a chai latte?"

Sidenote on chai: This request alone is hilarious in and of itself. For those of you that don't know what a chai latte is, don't stress. It's not hard coffee or anything. It's a little bit of tea, a lot of sugar, and a lot of milk. More like a hot chocolate. And Amy had these great little packs of it that she brought ME out of her Christmas stash. And Will just has good taste and a wicked sweet tooth. So we wrestle for them. Anyway...

Back to the latte. So I tell him I'll be right back and go make his latte. While I'm in the kitchen I hear the computer talking. He wanted to play Bunnytown next and what do I hear?... "Bunnytown. Click here to play Bunnytown Ice Cream Parlor. Welcome to the Ice Cream parlor..."

Yeah, he can totally work a mouse. And somewhat read. Enough to completely do a computer game by himself and I have NO idea! So I bust him with the camera. That silly face he made was authentic. He knew he'd been caught! So, anyway, now he can do it by himself. Soon he'll be setting up his own blog. That'll be interesting.
In the end, I still play the games for him or at least right beside him. I think that was more fun than the game itself. But it was just funny.

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