Thursday, September 10, 2009

3:21 ... big ole victory

yay me. i made a stocking. i started it anyway and i'm over the moon. i've been wanting to make stockings forever. so today i traced one and made a template out of it. now, i know sometimes i make some freaky looking stuff, but this one is just a practice. i'm not going to give any of you this wild and wacky printed stocking. i just love this print and i had plenty of it. tomorrow i'm going to do the pretty part. i know i can do that. it's the functional part that hangs me up sometimes. so i'm all excited about tomorrow. this baby's all nice and thick with layers and batting and everything. 

and on the home front... will didn't take a nap today, making him an absolute nut case. he's just sort of freaking out. he's being a beast to his baby so he got landed in time out in his room. he still managed to terrorize her from there, so i had him close the door. next thing i know they are PLAYING under the door jam. both of them cracking up. this lunacy while crafting, while brandon is on nights, while amy is LEAVING TOWN TOMORROW for a peaceful weekend sans husband and children (shopping, eating, drinking wine, and being spoiled by her dear sister), has inspired me to crack open the screw top, unbreakable, individual sized, pink wine bought in a gas station. i've been saving it for a special occasion. 

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Amy said...

This whole thing is cracking me up right now! I love the 21 day challenge with the slight kid updates! Crack me up! Whole day in time out? That's impressive! Door jam is even need a video camera.