Tuesday, September 8, 2009

1:21... i'm a joke

today starts a 21 day challenge that another blogger friend does and i thought i'd jump on board. and give it a shot this time. i'm supposed to do one thing and record it every day for 21 days. we'll see. 

my challenge is pretty simple. to create something with my hands every day. today i was WAY too ambitious. you know how i get. i thought it would be this great thing for the kids to do as well. i thought it would be fun to make some bread. i set it up. waited for stephen to get here. we start getting it going. about 30 seconds into the project the kids are goofing off. go figure.
will's sifting flour onto stephen's head. stephen's pulling all the flour out of the bowl. we start kneading. i say 'we' like we were doing it. I was. and i still was yacking away about yeast and kneading and nutmeg. i thought they might learn something. i thought at least stephen would take me seriously! nope. it just played out like this. and the kids looked like this.
and my kitchen looked like this. 
 i wonder why the bread looks like ET's stomach flesh when he's all diseased and freaky at the end. obviously, i don't even need to say, that this is not edible. i can't eat ET. that's sick.

so i thought i would instead, just pretend like the bread incident never happened and act like i'm really going to make quilt squares for 21 days. i thought i'd go for a simple 9 square pattern. when i turned it over to admire my handiwork i see this. 

it's a Y. y is for....you should stop right now?... i'm sticking with it. see you tomorrow. 

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Amy said...

LOL! This is great!