Wednesday, September 9, 2009

2:21 Slow Going, but ok in the end

i was pretty creatively uninspired today. craft-wise. ew. did i say 'craft'? i'm not fond of that cheesy word. anyway. we've been painting the house and it's essentially blue and white now instead of brown and brown. i love it. really loving it more each day. we have big arches in the front of the house that are begging for some kind of artwork and we thought that some blue and white mediterranean tiles would look just perfect in those niches. so that's where my mind was when i came across some pretty fabric samples in a sewing magazine. so i cut them out and mod podged them onto a cheapy little ikea frame. tada. now what in the world am i going to do with this? probably throw it away. the point was to create. not create something worth anything. good news is i did come up with some cool ideas for stockings. hopefully i'll actually implement them this year. 

and family, i know you so don't care about this. so here's you update on what you do care about. the kids. will spent the whole day in time out. abby cried her head off because she's decided that she needs to be held always. always always. and i actually cooked dinner with a vegetable. go me. 

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