Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The Kids This Week

Well, here's what's going on in my house this week. Not big exciting stuff for most people, but I'm pretty sure nobody looks at this except Amy, Jenn, Grandpa and Grandma. And you guys totally care, right? Well, then, let's see...

Abby's big into her hands starting today. They are brand new and she spends quite a bit of time and energy looking at them. She moves them around and acts completely fascinated. Mr. Will is into a few things this week, as usual. Quite the character. So, where to begin...

Will is loving downtown. As I'm trying to get settled into the loft this week, Will has been trekking around town with Dad. They went to the Thanksgiving Day parade. They just pack a bunch of pennies and throw them in various fountains, hang out in the Macy's, and give Cokes to homeless people. He loves it. Here he is hanging out in the window watching the trains go by.

He's also big into messing up the Christmas tree. That just never gets old. We're down to about two ornaments. He can manage to break the plastsic ones, even. And Jason and Kara came into town this week. We got to hang out, get to know Kara, and they even helped with setting up the loft.

And finally, here's what we're into this week. Getting the loft set up. Here's an idea of what it looks like. This is the kitchen and the living room. The furniture comes in on Thursday. In this picture I am standing on the window seat. The window is floor to ceiling and is the entire width of the loft and looks down on Main Street.

This is the bathroom. I can't wait to take a bath in that thing! Over to the left is a seperate shower.This is the master bedroom. We just painted it this color and I love the tower. Now all we need is a bed! To the right is a big giant window. You have to climb up and out the window to get to the balcony.

And that's the tour. There's also an office in there, but I didn't photograph it. So, tada. That's our week!


Jason said...

Hey, I'm interested in this post!! LOL! The loft looks great. Especially the glass table and the picture of the Eiffel Tower. Ahem.. Yeah, I know - you can thank me later. Just kidding. It was really cool getting to see the downtown loft and OF COURSE it was great getting to see y'all, Will, and Abby again! Bee and I will be back down in about 2 weeks. Can't wait!!

Amy said...

I love it! Sean really loved it too. He came home ready to move! LOL! Now everyone has seen it BUT me. How did that happen??