Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Lessons Learned From the Turkey.

i've taken pictures, and i'll get them up tomorrow (i'm tired-ish), but there are a few lessons that i learned during the trial turkey that i would like to share to those who have never attempted a turkey.

1. the turkey weighs as much as my youngest child.
2. a casserole dish actually isn't quite big enough
3. the neck really takes a good strong yank and is quite disturbing to remove.
4. there can, apparently, be more than one bag of goo in the turkey. not cool to find when you're having your magical turkey carving moment.

all in all, and in spite of all of that scary info, it was actually a crazy good turkey. it was really moist and flavorful. i thought maybe too much, but amy says that's not possible. so i' guess i'll try it again in a week and really really super double check for any yuck bags. really it would be great if they would make those bags a different color than the rest of the turkey.


Sean said...

LOL! Yes, Amy says so. It was very good!

Sean said...

Whoa-that was supposed to be Amy posting...not Sean