Sunday, December 28, 2008

The Christmas Bomb

It still looks like a Christmas Bomb went off in this house. Trash doesn't come until tomorrow, so we still have about 8 giant bags of wrapping paper hanging around. The dishes are almost done! I'm on my last load now. And I've begun taking all the decorations down. There are still toys everywhere. In the middle of the night last night as I'm quietly getting up to feed Abby, I accidentally trip over a drag racer which then starts all on it's own. I'm chasing it around in the dark as it's loudly zipping through the living room and under the couch. Good stuff The energy in the house yesterday can only be described by a sound. You know that hum of a flourescent lightbulb? Or maybe the sound that a bug makes when it gets stuck on the zapper? That was what it felt like around here. Will played with all of his toys in the most efficient way possible - two at a time. He would lay on the sleeping bag and play with a toy or sit in the middle of the train tracks while watching a new movie. And he just looked like he had some kind of sugar hangover. He just stared and sometimes drooled. I think he's almost detoxed today.
Abby is enjoying some real conversation with the hens on her exersaucer. She's so misunderstood. Gracie is being harassed ALL DAY by a cheeky imaginary squirrel.
And finally, one of our Wise Guys is recovering from a frontal lobotomy. It's pretty serious, but that being said, he actually looks and feels better than the donkey.

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