Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Jesus is Big Around Here Right Now

Will is all Jesus all the time. He prays over nearly every bite. He prays at night for everyone he can think of (which I actually think is a stall tactic, but cute still). He even prays for all of your dogs and phones. Yes, each and every phone. Anyway, he now has an imaginary baby Jesus that he rocks to sleep and puts in Abby's crib. Abby has to scoot way over if they are sleeping together. And he has informed me that Jesus wants a brown and orange birthday cake and that Mary is throwing his party at Jumpin' Jungle. Well, today beats all of that. He was singing what I think was supposed to be 'Jesus Loves Me'. But he must have some words mixed up or maybe he hears a different word. Anyhow, he's sitting at the table singing, "Yes, Jesus smells me."

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