Thursday, November 27, 2008

santa claus is coming to town!

i'm a major christmas junkie. i love all things christmas. and i'm way excited about this particular year for my son. will is three this year and i'm just thinking that this is going to be a big year for santa around here. so i've found a few cool links that i thought i'd share.

obviously, i'm a spaz about elf yourself.

you can track santa from this one.

this seems really cool. you can schedule a live phone call from santa. it costs about $15 and each call lasts 3-5 minutes. but you fill out a form that will give him all kinds of info like names of pets and siblings, how the kids are doing in school, the kid's wishlist, things to work on for the coming year, etc.
it would be priceless for some kids. maybe mine, who is insane about the phone.

this is fun. the elf on the shelf. there's a (seemingly) stuffed elf that comes with a book. it also come wrapped and sent from the north pole with a custom message from santa. the elf sits around the house watching your kids throughout the day. then at night flies back to report to santa about how the day went. in the morning you have to find him as he usually ends up sitting somewhere else. nice behavior threat. only my child actually threatens our elf.

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