Saturday, August 2, 2008

Hands On

Today was a very hands-on day for us. We started the day with a trip to Home Depot for the Kids' Workshop. Today we made a flag holder. Kind of random, but it has something to do with the Olympics, but it's free and the kids like to hammer stuff, so we were all about it. It's pretty cute to see them in their aprons and safety glasses and all.

Next stop was the hospital for the Sibling Class. That was all over the place. The kids learned how to swaddle babies (holy moly, i hope Will never attempts that!), and YIKES, surprise cartoon birth that was super graphic and freaky. Then we toured the hospital room. That was cool. Will is going to have a ball harassing me with all the buttons on the bed. They actually taught him how to do that. Nice. And then they brought out the big guns. A real newborn. Which apparently scared the poo out of Will. He had a mini panic attack, reaching for me saying "Hold you. Hold you. Hold you, Mommy". When I told him that it wasn't our baby he calmed right down. Wouldn't that be nice. Go to the hospital. Watch the video. Get qualified with the swaddling and place your order. They simply wheel the kiddo out. Ha. Anyway, the real intro to Baby Abby is going to be interesting. He definately did get the idea that we are going to the hospital, seeing a doctor, and coming home with a baby.

Anne's story is funny. We are basically coaching her on how to lie so she can come onto the floor. They only allow siblings. Since she attended the sibling class we assumed they would make an exception, but the teacher obnoxiously pointed out that that was not the case. But it was too late. She had already handed out the goody bags which contained Big Brother and Big Sister badges. She's been instructed to guard that badge and pretend to be mute.

Here are the kids wrapping their baby sister into a baby burrito. I was hoping that Abby might look a little more like me than blondie Will who is Brandon's little clone. But by the look of Will's baby Abby I've got some explaining to do.


Amy said...


Very Cute!

tasha said...

ha. i love the black baby.