Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly...Wednesday Edition

Well, today....

Let's start with the good. I am eating the best thing ever. I saw it in the store and I completely randomly bought it for bizarre reasons. After the funky morning we had I just really wanted a sweet treat. I need sugar if I can't have wine. It's the consolation prize for being prego. So I go to the ice cream section and I'm thinking maybe sorbet is a better choice calorically. So I find something weird I've never seen based on the name. I'm a little homesick for the Burg lately and I hate that I can't go til fall, so when I saw this I became a marketing sucker. Talenti Italian Ice Cream in Hill Country Peach Champagne. Oh my gosh it's so good and fat free too. I'm in Heaven.

Now the Bad...That would be Will at Moody Gardens today. We got as far as the lobby and had to go home.

Now are you ready for the Ugly?... Will is sort of famous for his love of naked time. Well, it's time to get dressed. We were kind of thinking that as he's approaching 3 years old, but our little nudist is happiest playing buck nekkid on the floor with some trucks. Well, he got a little wild playing today and managed to get his weenie stuck in his Home Depot birdhouse. Talk about new pain. It instantly bruised. An ice pack and some Tylenol later we decide that when naked time is actually hazardous, it's time to get dressed. So and era has passed. Ouch.

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tasha said...

that is actually hilarious.
bruised penis huh?