Thursday, July 10, 2008

Our Thursday.

I do know that I have the most boring blog in the world, but it's mostly my grandparents reading this (hey guys!) and they just eat this stuff up. So, ready grandma? Will was appalling today. He whacked anyone who would come near him, and today that happened to be Cara and Preston, Jen's littles. I know it's confusing with all the Jens, so here's a visual and an explanation.

Jen is a children's photographer, and her business name is Photojenic . So that's how you know who's who. Will generally loves Cara, who is a mini Anne Marie to him, and Preston is only a few days older than Will. He was even a Hurricane Baby born in College Station. Anyhoo, Will whacked both of them several times just mainly for being in reaching distance. And as you all know, Will hasn't taken a nap since Monday, and he's becoming more of a brute with each passing day. Not great as we have a huge social weekend coming up with Stephen's party and Joshua's baptism. Yikes. Cross your fingers. Anyway, HE'S SLEEPING RIGHT NOW!!! Thank the Lord. He got tired enough to actually take a nap today. Well, anyway, maybe this is a phase, right? Moving right along, Jen took a few pics while she was here today. And now I just feel sorry for all of you because it's quite horrible being on the other side of that lens. Turns out I'm one of those freaky people that makes crazy deer in the headlight faces. So I'm a little camera shy right now, but here's one of just Will and Abby.

And since we are talking about Jens, Classic Jen of the Katy variety came out this Monday and we just hung out Will-free and gabbed too much and ate too much. The norm. But anyway, Jenn and her mom, Kandi and crazy grandma Jean Jean are throwing a baby shower brunch for me with a bunch of the Katy gang coming. It'll be a gourmet and classy event and the menu already contains things I cannot even say, but you know I'd eat anything Kandi Steen makes. Now, if you are not a Katy debutante, don't worry. We actually opted out of a super dooper baby shower this time in leau of a cool new trend where we basically do it after she's born. The guys hate going to baby showers and have made themselves heard, but for some reason don't mind doing a little BBQ in the backyard if we don't call it that. And anyway, I'll have more fun if someone else can hold her (she is getting a bit heavy), and I can have a mimosa!

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