Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Abby's Room

I guess I should go ahead and get on with showing you all the start of the nursery. This is so the START and I've been slacking at getting it done, but it'll happen. So without further adeu...

This is the crib with a few of her artwork pieces in it. They all have birds on them. The sheet is on there, but the bedding is still being made. It should be ready on Friday, but you can use your imagination. The bumper is a sweet grayish blue with ivory and chocolate colored antiquey looking flowers. So the whole color scheme in the room is going to be plum, blue, ivory and chocolate. It's really a soothing feel.

This is Will demonstrating the stability of the dresser/changing table. We're just going to smack a changing pad on top, and voila. The paint color we are going with is the plum above Will's head. And that's the extent of the nursery right this second. Still filling it in, and it's sort of a huge space. I think we'll end up addding a bookshelf and a standing lamp. Maybe a rocking chair. I have no idea. Any suggestions?

Then I just have to share a few of my faves of her clothes. I got her this cause it was just the first thing that I just HAD to have for her to wear. It's a teeny little dress. And AnneMarie has a coordinating shirt, so we'll have to do their pics in them. I can't wait.

And then this is a necessity for paying tribute to her Fredericksburg roots. It says "I'm Peachy". How cute is that?!

So that's it for now. I think next week we'll spend some time figuring out this whole nursery thing. A few more weeks and she'll be here!


Jason said...

Looks like Will was helping you set the room up! I'm sure he's a GREAT helper. LOL!!!

Amy said...

Love it all!

If you really want something in the corner-silk trees do wonders to take space and make things more elegant and warm.