Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Dr.'s Appointment - Update

Not much of an update, really. Just that I went.

The doctor dished out his usual string of fat jokes. "Are you trying to float home?!" (It was raining.) He sure has alot of fat jokes. I've yet to hear the same one twice, and that's remarkable in his line of work. He said, "I'm just giving you a hard time cause your husband can't". He did say that I am cute as a button and to not diet on behalf of everyone else. In his words, "There is nothing crankier than a dieting pregnant woman. Please eat something."

I was really excited to ask him about the baby dropping. I know I'm a few weeks early, but you know how it is at the just really love some sign that it is actually going to end. So I go in with my newly lazy belly and say, "Check it out. I think the baby dropped." And he said, "Well, look at that. It looks like it sure did." And I spazzily ask..."SO...what does that mean?!"

And he grins and says, "Nothing!"


I go back in two weeks and start the REALLY personal exams. Now that is a sign that it's almost over. Who ever gets excited about "one of those" exams? I woman in her last month of pregnancy, that's who.

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