Thursday, August 7, 2008

To Do List

I have a list a mile long of stuff that needs to get done. Stuff that needs to be taken care of before the baby comes. Before I can relax. Hopefully I'll get it all done and get to do that relax thing before she comes. But the list is pretty long. Some things are more important than others. And the list is daunting. I just stare at it. Rewrite it. Look for some motivation. But what do I DO? Nothing from this list. I mostly lounge around the house. I wear very little and stay away from mirrors (Poor Will). I eat something. I drift off. Will makes sure that I don't stay asleep for longer than one second. Just long enough to scare the beegees out of me. Anyway, here's my list. I'm looking for a concierge of sorts that can just take care of it for me.


  • Design 6 Budoir Albums
  • Edit 2 Weddings
  • Attack the laundry pile, ours and the baby's
  • Trim out the floor in Abby's room
  • Hang the chandelier in Abby's room
  • Finish painting Abby's room
  • Hang the giant mirror in Abby's room
  • Reupholster the couch in Abby's room (Is it me or does she seem high maintenance? I'm just noticing a recurring theme here...)
  • My eyebrows - I can't get close enough to a mirror to even pluck them. There's this giant bump that keeps me a few feet from a mirror and that's probably good.
  • My hair. It's doing a giant mushroom type formation.
  • My feet. They just hurt. I really have always wanted to do one of those mommy to be pedicures. I'm not seeing that one getting crossed off my list, though.
  • Pack for the Hospital. I thought I was maybe jumping the gun on this one, but apparently everyone else at my stage of the game has been packed for weeks. Now I'm just panicking.

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