Friday, August 8, 2008

What's Dad up to these Days?

Well, he's mostly working. I know everyone is asking, so here's the scoop on that. Brandon is in "Start up School" this week and next week. They have to be retrained on the unit at within 3 months of Start-Up, so there is something of a deadline. It looks like he might be back on shift by the end of the year. He's getting to sleep in til 6:30ish this week and said today that he's starting to feel rested, like he hasn't been waking up at 3:45 for the past two years. So that's the story on work. When he comes home he has a few beers in the pub. Will is learning the ropes in there. He'll be taking tips by Christmas time.

After a pint or two, he's no good. He crashes out around 7ish and that's when Will takes advantage of Poor Dad. There is a Dr. Suess book that we read around here called Hop on Pop. It also one of our favorite games. Well, mine and Will's anyway. It's hard to say how Pop really feels about it. You'd have to see his face. I do have to apologize for the junky pictures. Will was moving so fast that he's just a blur, but that's what it looks like in reality too, so...

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Amy said...

Sean and I enjoyed reading your blog this afternoon! This post is our favorite! I LOVE the action pictures!