Saturday, September 11, 2010

stuff this week.

the kids are just doing their kid thing this week. naps are getting fewer and further between. i've retreated to the kitchen to test out one million pies to find one suitable for a contest entry in two weeks. so far i've made 4 completely mediocre pies that don't really warrant a second slice. will ate a whole slice of peanut butter pie today and then announced (as he headed to the fridge to drink a gallon of milk straight from the carton) that it "taste-es a little bit disgusting". and my ever supportive husband is doing his best choking them down. and now for this week in pictures.

pico is getting some true real flight feathers. see those blue ones? that means he can fly! but he doesn't really know that yet.

mr. man playing on the tire swing (undies, of course). our fantastic neighbors, the serokas, have once again blessed us with their boys wonderful hand-me-downs. will thinks they are so cool and he always loves having something that belonged to adam and austin.

this one represents abby turning into a female. she's dressing up a bit now. i'm not going to lie. it's fun. i was never really all that big on playing with dolls, but i could get into playing dress up with my girl.

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~Crystal~ said...

oh my gosh . . . super cute blog posts . . . you make me laugh =0) I hope that you come up with a good pie recipe . . . i'd send one your way, but i really only like that cheesy, made with jello pudding, chocolate pie - with cool whip - I don't even like meringue! Oh yeah, and I like pumpkin pie . . . without cloves, and also with whipped cream! have a good week =0)