Monday, September 20, 2010

another rainy day

but a very fun one. today was such a fun morning! turns out the frowny cake was actually kind of delicious. so that's good. mom came over and brought abby her present, some new clothes and ***5*** new pairs of shoes. 4 for dress up and 1 for real. she LOVES them all. then mom proceeded to paint my hallway (thanks mom!). then destiny and baby christian came over bearing gifts for me for no good reason (thanks des!). and the kids played in the rain. and will went home with nana. and the new tv shows start tonight. isn't that all fun?! it's a good day. i'm about to bake some sugar cookies. me and jorja have a cookie painting play date tomorrow. oh, yeah.... and on the baking front, the pie contest got moved back a few weeks. now it's in mid october. yay! so that changes the game. i was going for an icebox cake, but i specialize in fall-ness. so that's why i'm going to win with a fall pie. first up, apple cranberry pie with an oatmeal struedel topping. yum.