Sunday, September 19, 2010

september is officially bad baking month

my kitchen looks like this. my cake looks like this. my face even looks like this. not really. i'm actually kind of laughing my butt off at my own misfortune. this month has brought on a round of wild baking. i love baking in the fall. but this just isn't it. i've got a few more adventures in baking in the next week, and after that.... more pumpkin creme pies. i'm a one trick pony.

but just to recap said misfortunes, the month started off with the announcement of the annual pie baking contest. this is the one time all year that i make a pie. that pie clearly should not go in a competition. but alas, i have spent hours scouring the net for innovative recipes. thus far i've tried a coffee and peanut butter craziness, a regular peanut butter mediocrity, a strawberry lemonade pie, a buttermilk pie, and a peach cream pie. some of them more than once. i just want a ribbon. if i had a ribbon i would frame it or wear it or something! but that's not going to happen this year.

today i thought i'd make my mama a birthday cake. this is the result. it was supposed to be a red velvet cake. but did you know that there is all kinds of insanity involved in those. there's actual chemistry. you have to bubble vinegar and baking soda. and you have to make this whacked out paste of cocoa and red coloring. and apparently the only reason red velvet cake is red is because someone just decided it should be that way. next time mine is going to be a blue suede cake. anyhoo, the frosting was weird. and i'm just not liking it. so the frowny face. it made me smile. :)

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