Sunday, September 19, 2010

abby is 2!

can you believe it?! now i'm one of those annoying people that says, "it goes by so fast". well, it does. i can't believe it's been 2 years since i met this child! she's been around for a while now. so here's how her birthday morning went down. she woke up to find her big toy, a cozy coupe, and loved it! unfortunately so did will. then she opens her gift from will, a little puppy with a wiggly tail. she loved it. unfortunately so did will. then they watched a new movie. nobody liked it. bummer. but cake time.... that was a hit. she's been wanting this barbie cake forever. let me explain a few things:
  1. abby doesn't want much
  2. this cake is on display at target so she sees it almost daily
  3. abby doesn't talk much
  4. she still manages to get all excited and point and get all animated when she sees it yelling "wook! wook, mama! wook!"
so we got it. and they called yesterday to say they only had a mexican barbie. sure, i say. well, abby was so excited. it seems that quincenera barbie is clothed modestly until you take her out of her cake and she's wearing this trashy get-up. it's hilarious! anyway, happy birthday abby!!!!

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Amy said...

Very cute. I really love the digital papers you used on the pictures. Makes me feel like scrapbooking-but-I have so much housework today. I am really blown away by all the baking mentions. And some of them more than once?! WOW!!!!!