Sunday, March 15, 2009

Random Pics of the Week

Brandon is off of turnaround! And he's getting a ton of stuff done that he's been wanting to do for a long time. Hanging shelves, yard work, and he even bought and installed new lighting fixtures all around the outside of the house and started painting the pub doors red. The trim will be black. It's going to be much more pubby.
And that second pictures is of Brandon and Will at the Putt Putt Funhouse. Will's new favorite place to be. It's super miserable, but we're now using it as a bribe for pooping in the potty, and there's apparently no way he's going to do that.

So...Abby is six months old this week. As of this afternoon she can sit up for around 2 minutes and I think she likes it. She can fit her foot in her mouth. She LOVES that. And I think it's hilarious, though it does make diaper changing a nightmare since that's the only time she'll stay on her back long enough to eat her foot. And her butt looks like that of a sumo wrestler. Now THAT'S funny!

Will got a new hat. And found a new love for an old jacket. That doesn't fit.

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