Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Alexis and Isaac's Wedding

All of you guys know of Alexis, but haven't got to put a face to the name yet. Here she is in all of her wedding day loveliness. And this is her now-husband, Isaac. He was still a fiance for another few minutes in this one. Here's all the ladiesAnd the guys.
And here are a few of my super favorites.

This wedding was so fun. Honestly, you guys have to meet these people. I just instantly adored Alexis, but Isaac is just as sweet. But you really GET them when you see them with this group of friends and family that they have. Instantly everyone welcomed me like family. I have honestly never met so many awesome people in one place. They are amazing people who have surrounded themselves with more amazing, open, loving, and Christ-centered people. And it's just really remarkable to see that. I had a really good time. Congratulations, you guys!!!

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Amy said...

I especially like the opening bride picture on this one.