Saturday, August 7, 2010

Day 1

We're starting a new 21 day challenge! It's $10 a day again. I like a challenge. Last time people wanted to know wanted to know how I did it, so this time I'm documenting. :) The catch is that I am too lazy to take and edit new photos everyday, so you're getting rare, never before seen photos just for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy.

Last night was a practice in creativity. At lunchtime Amy and the boys ended up here at lunch time. I had nothing to feed the mob so I pulled out dinner and figured I'd just get more at the store in the afternoon. It was penne pasta and marinara sauce. We had quite a bit left over, but not enough for dinner. So that's when I got clever. I bought some Italian Sausage and cooked it and threw it in there. Then I heated up some frozen broccoli. And that's that. I had the broccoli, pasta, and sauce. I just bought the sausage. My total for three days of food was $14.62. More details on that later. But milk, sausage, and bananas costed me about $5.

And the Random Photo of the Day is me, mom, and Anne stuck to a velcro wall in velcro suits at Brandon's 30th Bday party.

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