Wednesday, July 28, 2010


here's just a current picture of miss abby. hmmm. an abby update. well, she's almost two. so that comes with some natural weirdness. she's learning to copy her brother. she mostly picks up on the annoying habits. he'll teach her a word (today the word was 'nine') and they just say it over and over until i lose my mind. she also pours stuff in stuff. mostly milk into her dinner, or some decorative piece. she's also figured out that she can get out of her bed. and she does.

on a different topic, jen had her baby. his name is parker grayson and he's stinkin' adorable. he has so much hair you can style it.

and on another topic, vacation at the great wolf lodge was awesome! we loved every single minute. ok, almost every single minute, but you just can't ask for better than that. i was too chicken to take my camera to a waterpark, but amy took some pictures and they're on her blog, so check those out.

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