Sunday, July 4, 2010

cars. cars. cars. and keys of course.

will's obsession with vehicles continues. as his 5th birthday approaches we will be honoring that obsession by indulging him with a car themed party. he's all about hot wheels and i thought i'd just stick a hot wheel on top of cupcakes. but he said he would really prefer a big cake. his ideal car? a red toyota sienna. he told this to a mechanic the other day who laughed his butt off. naturally, keys are part of the deal too. last week he worked his lemonade stand to get a new key from home depot. as soon as he had enough money he shut that thing down and jumped in the car to go buy yet another blank key. the photos you see here are from a book that i'm making for his birthday of all of his favorite cars and why he loves them. that part is stinking cute.since the pages are all fixed up to be printed the pictures look kind of small so click on them to see the pure joy on his face.


~Crystal~ said...

I so need to give him a ride in our z06 =0) does he like corvettes? and lucky you, mckenna wants a ferrari when she turns 16.

BethCupitt said...

oh, yes. he does like corvettes. he even got a corvette shirt today at target. and he's so impressed with your acura!