Tuesday, June 15, 2010


i'm feeling pretty handy lately. overly confident, i think. but here are some of the projects that are up in the air.

the wagon. this little red radio flyer was on it's deathbed. it was will's when he was tiny, and now abby's at just the right age for it. so i thought before we tossed it i'd try to bring it back to life. so i've started sanding and painting it a nice ivory color. i plan to do some nice details and upholster a cushion fit for a princess to go in there as well.

the coffeehouse. this is the first installment to an entire secret village that is going to go behind the garage. i've turned into a carpentry nerd pulling plans from this site, and this is the bottom half of the coffeehouse. tonight we are going to sand and prime it and tomorrow we paint. i've picked out a super fun green and can't wait to see it all come together.

what i'll be doing in the middle of the night is painting will's ceiling. don't tell him. it's a surprise for him to find when he gets home from his chill week with grandma and grandpa.

AFTER pics to come...

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