Monday, May 31, 2010

money talks

Sorry about the total lack of blogging lately. I've been kind of tied in with this other blog that I started. It actually took off pretty quick and even had an article written about it. I'm kinda proud actually. But the point is that after I do all that intense blogging I'm pretty tired of the computer if you can believe that.

But anyhoo, here's what's up with the kids this week. Abby is getting over her freakish people phobias. I think we're on the upswing. That's super good. We managed to make it to church with minimal drama. That's a huge relief. I knew it would pass, but whoa, that was a rough month.

Will has discovered the joys of cash. He's getting a little allowance for doing chores around the house. My windows have never been cleaner. So he picks up laundry, washes the windows, and (get this, it's pretty sweet) gets Abby out of bed in the morning. She's pleased as punch to wake up to her big brother. It's pretty cute. This week he spent his money on french macaroons at the Farmer's Market downtown. I think he'd do it again too. He's playing with Britten this week. She's in town and came over this afternoon to play after they all went to the zoo. They had a blast. So that's what's new in the casa.

Here's the link to the other blog. There are a few more kiddy pictures on it. And here's a link to the article about it. Cool, huh?!

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