Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Weekend on the Farm

We spent Easter at Whispering Oaks and just got back last night. The kids had a blast, communed with nature, and wore themselves out. In fact, it's Monday at 2pm right now and they're still in their pajamas. Here's a run down of the pics. Above is Abby "posing" in her Easter dress. The quotation marks imply sarcasm in this instance because she was really airing out her bum after dropping a bomb in a pasture. Her diaper's over there on the sidewalk. Maybe too much nature. And maybe time to consider potty training.

Will and Savannah playing in her hideout, a fig tree. It makes sort of a tent with a bit of a clearing in the middle. She says she loves it in the summer because it stays cool. The leaves apparently get gigantic. Will liked it in there.

Here's Savannah looking lovely in the morning. I love how it looks in the morning.
And here's one of the kids on the ride home. They were soooo tired. They had so much fun and that kind of fun wears you out! And here's a funny tidbit. That box that Will is holding is the "kennel" of a chocolate bunny. On the side it's actually encouraging him to go online and get a birth certificate for that bunny. Imagine the conflict, naming a bunny that you know you'll eventually eat... And all that on Abby's face? That's chocolate.

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Amy said...

cute! good weekend!