Monday, January 4, 2010


This is a happy screech from Abby. Thank goodness. She's been in a weird mood lately. This week has been pretty huge on a few levels. On the good side, little missy is opening up, becoming a little more friendly and outgoing. She's really getting some personality. She's started dancing some this week. She loves all her new toys. So all that's great.

On the flip side, she got a massive molar this week. For a few days her gums looked like hamburger meat. Really really brutal. So when the Motrin wore off, she was really really brutal too. Today was entirely Motrin-free, and pretty good. So maybe we're coming out the other side!

And on a completely different topic, I LOVE this dress. You can barely see it, but it's to die for. My cousin, Melissa, has the best taste in baby clothes. I can't wait until it's warm enough to take the coat off so you can see it in it's adorable glory.

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