Friday, November 27, 2009

Christmas Kick-Off

We had an awesome day. Brandon was supposed to be working today, but his exceptionally good looking and well spoken boss (hey rick!) let him off the hook, so we spent our morning ice skating at Discovery Green downtown. They had the coolest thing going on there, too. It was "snow". Not that nasty shaved ice that turns to mud. It was actually teeny tiny bubbles from these machines. The kids loved it! Abby was so excited I thought her face was going to bust. Look at that!


Richard said...

Only a graceful lady of high social standing and proper up bringing, would have such a critical eye for beauty, to make such an astute observation. Thank you!

I'm pleased that I have had a small part in Abby & Will's holiday sense of wonderment.

Amy said...

so cute!!

~Crystal~ said...

beth, you are so talented! i love your photography! =0)