Sunday, May 10, 2009

Random Stuff from Around the House

OK, I know that if you are watching this blog, then all you care about is the pictures of the babies. Here they are:
Will and Brandon jamming out to Itsy Bitsy Spider. That guitar that Brandon is holding is MINE! It's my mother's day present from him. Love it, but taking off to let the blisters on my fingers heal.
This is Abby discovering that at least one out of her two teeth is rather sweet. That's whipped cream.

This is Will eating the cake while I'm trying to take a picture of it. Priceless.
This is the cake that could have been so much better. But I'll tell you about it anyway and how I would have made it a pina colada cake. You take a pack of Jello Vanilla Pudding mix and a 20 ounce can of crushed pineapple and mix it together, juice and all. Fold in a tub of Cool Whip. That's your fluffy business. Then just slice an angel food cake in thirds horizontally, piling up the whipped cream stuff in between and on top. What was so obviously lacking was the coconut. It just desperately needed coconut. If it had coconut I think I would have been soooo happy about it. But it was ok and it was done in 5 minutes. It's good to have a couple of those party tricks up your sleeve. Just think about the coconut, though.

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Jason said...

Sounds like you got the pina, but not the colada.